3 Reasons Why a Career Counselor Can Help You

And what does FOL have to do with looking for a job? Well, the FOL agenda includes aspects such as the active search for employment . We all believe that it is very easy to look for a job and that we know how to do it, but it really is not. 

We all believe that it is very easy to look for a job and that we know how to do it, but it really is not. 

For this reason, although students receive training to enter the labor market , there are people specialized in this area who facilitate and speed up the job search process. They are job counselors.

To help you with this (and with many more things) we are going to explain to you what job training and guidance is and what it consists of, so that this information can serve as a guide for your most immediate job future.

Why a Career Counselor Can Help You

What is job training and orientation?

Job training and guidance , colloquially known as FOL, is a training subject in which education is combined with guidance. So far it’s pretty easy to understand, right?

Let’s get to the complex. The support between training and guidance serves to direct the skills and abilities of a student towards the job future that is ideal for him, not only with respect to the branch of his interest but also to the type of position in which he is best outlined.

The figure of the counselor and its importance

The presence of a job counselor is important within the organizations of public employment services, educational institutions and many other spaces where it is necessary to have information and support to face a future job in the short, medium and long term.

The main task of a job counselor is to help people find a job according to their skills and abilities . Maybe you think that you can do it yourself and that you don’t need anyone’s help. Error.

But calm down, you are not the first person to think about it. It is common for many people to question the work of career counselors. But this is so because they are completely unaware of the advantages that having the help of these professionals can bring.

Why should you have a career counselor?

In recent years, there have been many changes that have occurred in the labor market. Not only have there been room for new professional profiles , but the way in which companies search for and select their candidates has changed significantly .

Employment orientation is necessary, since in addition to personalized attention based on our personal and professional circumstances, it allows us to design a job search strategy that facilitates obtaining a job.

The importance of job training and orientation is of special relevance, since through the figure of the counselor it is possible to define the professional profile and adapt it to the current labor market.

With the job orientation, we learn to identify the failures in the management of the active job search , how prepared we are for job interviews and if the cover letter is well structured (if you had done the one we recommend in our article this would not happen).

In addition, the knowledge in training and labor orientation allows companies that have vacancies in any of their departments to be studied to assess the profile of the professional they need in order to facilitate the job search for applicants.

Employment. Training. Emotions.

We are not talking about the joy of getting a good job (that too), but that we do not know how long a person has been looking for a job, and when there is a long period, feelings such as frustration and even depression appear.

Hence, emotions are closely related to training and job orientation. Not all people can hire the services of a labor consultancy that, even when they could, usually do not have immediate attention. 

Knowing what job training and guidance is can help you manage many situations in the path of employment, allowing you to handle any minimal situation in the workplace and that everything runs smoothly. And not only if you are a student of our transport and logistics course !

 What does job training and guidance consist of?

The training and labor orientation serves to know what labor fields exist, what are the abilities and skills that the industry needs, the rights and duties of work, the risks and all the details that are needed for the labor development of an activity within the organization of a company.

That is to say, this training allows you to correctly face the processes of choosing a job , with useful information on the concepts related to labor law.

For a job counselor, it is essential to have knowledge with which to help in a basic process to train and be oriented at work and acquire the necessary skills to improve their levels of employability.

A job counselor helps us design the job plan that is appropriate to our needs and that is as effective as possible so that the job search is feasible and in the shortest possible time. 

FOL subject in Vocational Training 

By learning the educational content of FOL you will be able to apply teamwork strategies, learn to select employment opportunities by identifying the different possibilities and alternatives for lifelong learning, and have your own weapons to detect possible labor irregularities or abuses. .

Knowing what job training and orientation is will allow you to know all its particularities, such as the useful procedures to apply and learn about the new information search strategies in the professional environment. 

A job counselor can participate in the development of a risk prevention plan in a small or medium-sized company, identifying the roles and responsibilities of each of those involved.

In addition, it can help you create a resume as an unemployed person and not only on paper, but one that can also be shared on social networks used for job searches. 

Having a digital resume is almost as important as having a physical one. Don’t you have anyone you know in our higher degree marketing and advertising course ? Because if they make you an original and different resume, the possibilities increase. 

Job counselors spend their time searching for information, tools that are made available to people to facilitate the search. In this way they contribute to making the job search a somewhat simpler process.

Training and job orientation at Campus Cámara FP

The importance of job training and guidance has become quite clear. What we do not know if it is so obvious is where you can get that professional advice.

Especially in recent years, where the majority of the world’s population has had to reinvent themselves to be able to work from home and even learn new skills to be able to choose a job, having the best job advice can make a difference. At Campus Cámara FP we have it clear. That is why with us you will have the best training and job guidance and the advice of a job counselor who will accompany you throughout the process. You sign up?

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