Discover the Best Approach Towards the Employability of Vocational Training

Frequently, the Educational Community and the Public Administrations collect information to carry out a concise diagnosis on the real situation of professional training and the feasibility towards the different professional opportunities to define a framework of action as strict as possible that is directed towards the highest rate FP employability. 

The best approach towards VET employability

At Campus Cámara FP we keep up to date with the processes of continuous analysis of the labor market and the trends in the hiring of qualified personnel, making use of the improvement of data and tools that offer us such complete information.

It is evident that the search for the most complete and specific training for the professionals demanded by companies has borne fruit. Proof of this is that the FP employability rate stands at 80% , with an average waiting time of two years.

Different studies support these figures, with data as enriching as 69.2% of graduates hired after a year of completing their studies and up to 25% of professionals who complete their training enjoying a work contract. 

Discover the Best Approach Towards the Employability

An increasingly valued Professional Training

Vocational Training studies have proven to be a fundamental element that increases competitiveness in sectoral markets and improves the state economic model and the productivity of companies that benefit from the technical knowledge of graduates.

17.4% of these graduates are over 30 years of age, which constitutes data of great value and interest that comes to show that the educational system proposed in FP is the best approach towards employability .

Although the great differences occur with regard to professional families, training in Higher Vocational Training shows higher recruitment figures compared to Intermediate Degree graduates in the short term, although these percentages are equal after a couple of years. years of having obtained the corresponding degree.

Increase in hiring for qualified personnel

Although Vocational Training did not previously enjoy much prestige, more and more companies are showing greater interest in hiring professionals whose profiles coincide with this type of studies. Which makes the chances of studying FP and finding a job greater.

The increase of up to 14% in the demand for professionals with Vocational Training degrees demonstrates the great capacity for job placement of this type of studies, whose success lies in an educational offer that is increasingly improved and specific to the demands of market needs. business and labor.

It is precisely its practical approach and its orientation to the specific needs of companies that has increased the employability rate of VET and makes it increasingly valued and attractive.

In fact, 30% of current job offers are directly aimed at hiring specialist technicians in one of the professional branches of FP studies.

The most demanded technicians

The latest studies show that the professional branches whose professionals are most in demand by companies are those corresponding to the areas of Administration and Management and Information Technology .

The employability rate of FP graduates has skyrocketed, reaching 12.4% of job offers for Administration and Management graduates and 9.7% for IT and communications technicians.

Greater job opportunities

The most demanded professional branches, in addition to those related to Administration and finance , studies linked to commerce or marketing and advertising , also with a transversal approach, enjoy special attention from companies.

To these must be added the specialization in the industrial field and specific branches such as the qualifications corresponding to the modules related to the automotive industry , nursing , laboratory or clinical analysis .

Market adaptation

The interest in Vocational Training is not only evident in the growing job offer by companies, but also in the increase in the number of enrollments in recent years, which has increased by 29% compared to figures from previous years. .

Job insecurity has made many professionals, university students and students opt for one of the Vocational Training Cycles to seek alternatives with more professional opportunities.

At Campus Cámara FP we know the importance of a real approach towards the full employability of Vocational Training graduates, combining occupational training and continuous training. That is why our educational offer contributes to improving skills and the accreditation of a specialized title linked to the reality of work.

Now that you know what the FP employability rate is and what it indicates, you may be encouraged to choose Vocational Training as your best option to continue training.

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