Discover The Most Effective Methods For Job Search

The best way to look for a job starts by getting organized and carrying out a professional analysis to find out how the current labor market is moving and define what type of profile you can offer to recruiters.

There are many ways to look for a job, so at Campus Cámara FP , we want to help you identify a professional objective and develop a strategy of actions to find the occupation you want. This is just the starting point of an active job search, shall we begin?

Learn about the different ways to look for work

Knowing the different job search techniques will allow us to decide which strategy will be most effective. The best way to look for work is to sound out the job demands of spaces such as:

The Most Effective Methods For Job Search

Employment Offices

Registration as a job seeker is mandatory to access job offers, benefits and subsidies, employment guidance services or benefits.

Job Ads

The media usually publish different job offers through the press, Internet, television or radio.

Job Portals

Job seekers and Apps dedicated to job search are very useful tools to get a job.

Labor Intermediaries

They are public or private entities approved by the State Public Employment Service that offer a public and private employment service:

  •  Placement agencies.
  • Job boards of public institutions.
  • Insertion companies.
  • Special employment centers
  • Temporary employment companies.
  • Consultants or personnel selection companies.


The best way to look for work is to keep an active search attitude. Offering your potential and capabilities is the best cover letter . Take initiative, show them what you are capable of.

The ways to look for work following an active method of self-application or spontaneous application are:

  • The creation of a network of professional contacts or networking with people who have similar interests to ours.
  • Self – employment or self- employment , generating your own work activity and being an independent professional.
  • Check the web pages of the companies whose professional profile interests you , since they usually have a section of job offers.
  • Join the Eures Network (European Employment Services) to consult information on job offers in the member countries.
  • Prepare an opposition for any of the positions of the Public Employment Offer (OPE).

Resources such as creating a personal brand to differentiate yourself from others, or expanding your network of contacts through your continuing training to specialize , can be one of the most effective methods for job search.

We also recommend that, when choosing your training center , you take into account the collaboration agreements for internships that they have. Training in Work Centers is a golden opportunity to access the labor market .

Internet and its employment potential

One of the most effective ways to look for work is through specialized networks or job portals on the Internet.

Like the face-to-face modality, there are multiple ways to look for work on the Internet that can be very useful, for this:

  1. Clearly define your professional objective to carry out search criteria appropriate to that type of work.
  2. Design your personal brand taking care of the information that appears about you on the Internet. Boost your image with a blog or a personal page about your potential and training. It is not only about being an expert in the field, but about seeming so.
  3. Perform a diversified search . The job offers are multi-channel and you will find a greater number of job opportunities if you broaden the search.
  4. Receive automatic information on job offers by subscribing to alerts from specialized portals.
  5. Advertise yourself through a blog or a presentation page in which your personal brand is visible.
  6. Reflect the best of yourself in your Curriculum Vitae and your cover letter. The best way to look for a job is to design a skills-based or creative CV and create a personalized cover letter for each job offer.

The dynamics of the Internet is very agile, so it is convenient to keep an eye on the news by connecting frequently.

New market trends

Today there are new ways to look for work. Recruiters turn to new methods to select the best candidates through strategies that optimize the possibilities of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

Searching for true talent among a highly qualified workforce is an increasingly complex task, which is why applicant managers resort to very innovative practices such as gamification techniques, video interviews, job auditions, Inbound Recruiting, the Assessment Center or the analysis of personal branding through Big Data.

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