Future Work and Career Opportunities in Marketing

The area of ​​marketing is currently one of the professions that is most in demand. Proof of this is that when it comes to career opportunities, marketing is one of the most viable options.

The wide variety of career options range from traditional marketing to the latest in digital marketing. The future of work and career opportunities in marketing are currently associated with the increasingly growing presence of companies on the Internet.

Marketing career opportunities

If you are thinking of studying a degree in Marketing and Advertising , you may be curious about what career opportunities are available. The most common jobs in this area can be divided fundamentally into three types of positions:

positions of responsibility

Within the Marketing area, many of the job offers involve holding positions of responsibility. These include, for example:

  • Marketing Managers.
  • ProductManager.
  • Account Manager.

You also have the option of becoming part of commercial and marketing departments within companies in all sectors. 

Both in these and in other types of work related to the area, digitization is an increasingly present reality , so there are many possibilities in terms of professional opportunities in digital marketing.

Specialized positions

Marketing is a discipline that has become essential in companies of all sectors . The search for specialists in the sector is a tonic for any brand, which increases the options of professional opportunities in marketing and advertising.

Some of the positions available in these are in Consultants specialized in Marketing. The Market Analysis specialist position is also one of the most requested. 

On many occasions , advice is provided to other companies that need guidance on specific areas, such as marketing and commerce.

Innovation positions

Marketing has undergone a radical change and has gained absolute prominence in the digital field. 

Accessing training in marketing , especially geared towards digital marketing, allows you to have the necessary training for positions such as Social Media Marketing Manager. 

Marketing professions with the best job future

Among the positions with the most professional opportunities in marketing are mainly:

Head of Digital Marketing

The position of Digital Marketing Manager is the one that has the final responsibility for implementing, launching, controlling and managing the digital marketing strategy that has been developed for a company or a brand. 

In addition to creating the digital identity of a brand or a company, one of its most important functions is to drive website traffic and acquire leads. Similarly, you must be aware of digital trends and optimize the marketing campaigns they have developed.

Community Manager

This is one of the marketing specializations that is most in demand today. 

The functions and responsibilities of the Community Manager are directed to the execution of strategies to be implemented in the social networks of a company or brand. It should be clear that it is the person who applies the strategy and not who develops it, since this is carried out by the Social Media Manager .

SEM specialist

It is the marketing professional who focuses on advertising and the development of campaigns that increase traffic to a web page. 

They are increasingly in demand by companies, since they need these professionals to improve their position in search engines and to attract certain types of followers to their web pages. 

The SEM is the one who designs the advertising strategy of the brand or company in search engines, carries out campaigns, ads and measures the performance of the strategies.

SEO consultant

Its function is aimed at the area of ​​digital marketing aimed at naturally positioning a web page in the top positions when Google search results are obtained. 

The SEO Consultant is the professional who applies different techniques to make the web page be among the first positions of the most relevant search engines on the Internet. 

Being an SEO Consultant and SEM specialist allows you to profile yourself as a versatile professional who is in high demand and has more professional opportunities in marketing.

Digital Analyst

The Digital Analyst aims to make sense of the data that is collected. 

To do this, use the available online measurement tools. In this way you can draw timely conclusions and give recommendations on marketing strategies with the aim of optimizing and improving them.

Other marketing professions with a future job

In addition to the most demanded positions within the marketing panorama, there are more professional opportunities for the Intermediate Degree in Commerce and Marketing that are and will continue to be very good alternatives.

These are:

  • Content Manager: They are responsible for creating digital content of interest for different communication channels and for a target audience.
  • Digital Account Manager: He is the one who is responsible for the portfolio of digital clients, for making proposals and evaluating the results.
  • Traffickers: Tracks and analyzes web traffic to attract more quality traffic.

The field of work within marketing has expanded at the rate of technological advances. The use of social networks and the Internet has created new specializations with a great job future. 

Areas such as digital marketing are and will be increasingly in demand in the coming years. This makes it necessary for there to be more professionals trained in these areas. To do this, at Campus Cámara FP we offer the Intermediate Degree Course in Commerce and Marketing, the perfect training to opt for numerous professional opportunities in marketing.

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