How to Choose the Best Vocational Training Center for You

Vocational training is currently one of the best alternatives if you are looking for education with a practical approach and rapid incorporation into the labor market . So much so that there are more and more options to choose from.

The wide variety of current offer makes the task of deciding where to study a higher degree training cycle complicated

To make it a little easier for you, at Campus Cámara FP we have summarized in this article what are the aspects that you should take into account before deciding where to study a higher degree training cycle. 

Choose the Best Vocational Training Center for You

How to choose where to study?

Vocational training is a type of learning through which you can achieve a job specialization. For this reason, within its study plan it has professional internships in companies that offer what is called Training in Work Centers or FCT. This is one of the aspects to take into account when deciding where to study your higher degree training cycle.

If you already know that you want to do a higher level training cycle, but you don’t know how to choose where to study it, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions before choosing. In this way you will be able to study in the best FP centers.

  • Analyze if, due to your personal situation, it is convenient for you to carry out the training in person, blended or online .
  • Investigate the offers of professional cycles in each of the FPs that are within your reach, according to where you live and economic resources.
  • Know the current demand for the different cycles and centers as well as the professional opportunities that exist for them. 

Where to study a higher degree training cycle?

Choosing where to study the higher level training cycle you want is a decision that can make a difference, since each center has very different resources, agreements and benefits. 

Therefore, we advise you to take into account the following:

  • The trajectory of the FP center and all the cycles it offers.
  • Organizations, institutions and companies that work together with the FP center to offer job positions within which to carry out the internships.
  • Schedules and forms of study offered for each of the available cycles, so that they are compatible with the time you have to dedicate to your learning.
  • Characteristics of the professional training that is offered within each FP center.
  • The experts and professionals with whom they work; identifying the profile of each of the teachers who will be part of your learning.
  • Prices and offers for each training cycle .
  • Level of officiality of the studies that are offered and conditions in which the physical facilities of the center are found.
  • Possible scholarship or aid systems that you can benefit from.
  • Quality and prestige achieved by the center , based on its work history over the years and the number of professionals it has trained to date.

Why choose Campus Camera FP

In Spain we have a very wide vocational training offer , approximately a total of 150 cycles that are distributed within 26 specialties. 

Consequently, in Valencia we also have a wide range of possibilities and we understand that you want to know which are the best VET centers in the city.

There are many issues that can make a VET center the best one for you. Remember that to choose where to study a higher level training cycle, you need to take into consideration all the aspects that we have mentioned previously

At Campus Cámara FP we have the luxury of being located in the most cutting-edge business park in Valencia, the technology park. This gives us the advantage of being surrounded by a multitude of companies and professionals with whom to share experiences as well as having direct and close contact with the world of work.

Our location, together with the fact that it is a training space for the Official Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, means that we have a very close connection with the business world. All this pushes us to be one of the centers chosen among students where they can study a higher level training cycle.

You want to know more? Keep reading our blog to learn a little more about our teachers and the experience with the VET of other students like you .

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