How to Underline to Study and Memorize

Underlining correctly is essential to be able to apply other study methods effectively, so today we are going to talk to you about how to underline to study using several very useful tips and tricks, such as the color hierarchy technique. 

Below we give you a series of guidelines so that you learn to underline correctly and include it in your list of tips for studying and memorizing.

How to properly underline notes

Although it seems easy to draw a simple line under a sentence, it is important to know what information we must highlight and what are the steps that must be followed to get the most out of study methods such as underlining.

Filling a text with colors without rhyme or reason is not only detrimental to visual health, but it is not at all useful for the assimilation of concepts. Color hierarchy and color coding are very useful underlining study techniques , but only if done correctly.

But what is underlining?

There are numerous tools that help optimize study time and make it more effective. Underlining is one of them.

This study methodology consists of visually highlighting the most relevant information in a text , marking the main ideas to configure a visual image that favors learning. 

Underlining Study Methods

Depending on the type of information we are working with, there are different types of underlining that we can apply.

To know how to underline to study correctly, it is important to take into account the different underlining study techniques and choose the one that best suits or combine them with each other.

LINEAR underline

Highlight the information by drawing lines under the concepts to highlight. It is one of the most common underlining study methods.


It is done by drawing perpendicular lines that encompass an entire text to be highlighted to indicate paragraphs, complete sentences or quotes.

STRUCTURAL underlining

It favors the ordering of contents by taking out the key concepts of each section . It consists of writing down the main idea of ​​the paragraph in the margin of the paragraph.

HIGHLIGHT underline

This type of method seeks the clarification of doubts by pointing in the margins the necessary clarifications, the bibliography to consult or any information that is useful to complete the text.


It is one of the study techniques with underlining similar to linear underlining, but instead of drawing lines, different types of colors are used to give more or less importance to the information to be highlighted. 

What type of underlining is most effective?

A good underline consists of knowing how to underline to study and choosing the best technique for it, although the combination of several of the study techniques with underlining can make the assimilation of concepts deeper and more effective.

How to underline correctly to study effectively

The effectiveness of any type of underlining will depend on you doing it correctly, so it is very important that you follow some basic steps that will help you know how to underline to study.

  1. Make a first reading and get a general idea of ​​the content.
  2. Reread the text for deeper, comprehensive reading . In this active reading look at concepts that help you structure the text.
  3. Locate the main ideas, secondary ideas and additional information. That is, it identifies the most relevant information .
  4. Underline what is important . At this point, examples and secondary content do not come into consideration, but titles and definitions.
  5. If you decide on the color hierarchy, choose well-differentiated tones and assign a color to each range of importance , main or secondary idea.
  6. Performs a review of concepts and checks that it reflects the fundamental information of the text, completing if necessary with notes on the content.
  7. Make a final review to check that there is no relevant point that you have overlooked.

How to know what to underline

One of the most common doubts is what concepts to mark during the underlining.

To correctly apply the underlining study techniques, it is necessary to locate the key words , which are usually in the first sentences of the text, indicate the explanations and definitions , differentiate the categories and lists, since they contain complementary information, and  highlight the examples that help understand the information.

Remember that the basic rules for knowing how to underline for studying consist of avoiding underlining endless sentences (2 or 3 words is enough), using different underlining formats (framing concepts, surrounding them) to create hierarchies of information, using at least 4 forms of differentiation of different types of information and make notes in the margin that facilitate learning.

Now that you know how to underline to study , you can apply one of the underlining study techniques and prepare yourself to successfully pass the tests that qualify you as a specialized technician in one of the branches of study that we have at your disposal at Campus Cámara FP .

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