Practical Knowledge of Business Activity

Today we bring you the second part of the series of articles How we ensure the high employability of our students , on the three basic pillars on which at Campus Cámara FP we support the improvement of the employability of our students.

In the first part of this series we talked about Talent Professionals and our commitment to training in the soft-skills that companies need.

In this second installment, our Head of Studies, Neus Senent, tells us about the Practical knowledge of business activity at Campus Cámara FP.

Daily contact with the company, from our location, to collaborations with experts in the classroom

At Campus Cámara FP we are convinced that the only way to learn successfully in Vocational Training is by bringing business reality closer to the classroom.

More than learning by doing, our students learn by living , from the first year, the day to day of the companies that operate in their future work environment. 

“I hear and I forget. I see and remember. I do and I understand”


In addition to our location in a 100% professional environment , the design of the Campus Cámara FP educational project was carried out with the aim of answering the question of how we can enhance the employability of our students .

One of the basic pillars to achieve this goal is the second that we comment on in this series of posts: our knowledge of the reality of companies.

In line with the above, our work methodology in the classroom allows our students to:

  • Daily contact with the company through professionals and on-site activities.
  • Teachers with professional experience who provide real business cases.

Direct contact with the company through professionals and activities

In order for a vocational training center to provide knowledge and real experience , as well as successfully prepare professionals who are productive, proactive and decisive from the first day after their training, it is essential that it be in permanent contact with the closely related work environment with the training cycles that it imparts.  

Contact with the company should not be reduced only to internships for students doing FCT or Dual Vocational Training, but go further, moving towards educational and professional cooperation that materializes in the form of visits to companies, workshops for professionals from the sector in the educational center and value-added activities proposed directly by the company during the student’s training stage. 

At Campus Cámara FP, contact with the company has materialized in all those ways mentioned above since the beginning of the educational project.

The participation and collaboration by companies has been really positive, demonstrating a high level of involvement that will end up translating into an opportunity for our students, because they will be able to respond to the real needs of the company in a constantly evolving environment. 

Teachers with professional experience in the classroom

This is a key point to bring the business reality to the classroom, and the faculty of Campus Cámara FP is the reflection of that effort that we consider essential to provide quality training to our students.

Professionals prepared to adapt the contents, methodology and daily practice to the needs of companies seeking talent related to the training cycle they teach. 

Nothing better than having the collaboration of my fellow faculty member Fernando Miralles, professor of the Marketing and Advertising Training Cycle , so that he can explain to us how this experience is approached in each class he teaches:

How do you bring business reality to the classroom?

The important thing is to go beyond the training curriculum, since, on many occasions, it has become obsolete, and the important thing is that the students work on the content every day with the tools of real use in the field of marketing.

My goal when they leave here is that when they arrive at a company they have “nothing to learn” or practically nothing. The important thing is that they gain professional experience directly in the classroom. 

How do you think training in a professional environment can affect students?

This section is essential. We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with.

If you surround yourself with a professional environment you will be a professional, if you surround yourself only with a student environment you will be a student. If you train with a teaching team that has not been in direct contact with the professional environment, you will not be able to achieve the skills that will make you 100% productive from the first day in the company. 

On the other hand, teachers who are in contact with the environment related to their module will always bring real cases to class , which demonstrates to students, through their resolution, that they are capable of overcoming real obstacles in their future environment. professional. Your chances grow. They gain experience and travel. They gain confidence. They are not limited. 

Do you think it is relevant for the training of students to meet experts from their future professional environment during their learning stage?

A key figure is that of the mentor. An expert is a person who already knows a lot about the subject that we want to learn, and has gone through that learning process that we want to accelerate, therefore, having referent people from whom we can be inspired to accelerate that path or to go further, supposes a spectacular differentiating point. 

At Campus Cámara FP we are convinced that the only way to maximize the employability of students is to train them directly in a learning environment that facilitates the transfer to the professional environment that they will find when they leave our classrooms.

In order for them to achieve success , commitment, effort and dedication will be needed on the part of all the protagonists of the training process, but if the context is motivating, it is always easier for the path to achieve their goals to be more defined, and if there is something What we are passionate about is helping them to go through it from the first day .

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