The Professions With the Most Future

One of the most important decisions to be made is the career or professional training that you are going to study , according to your tastes and interests. 

It is very important to study and later work in something that you like, but it is also necessary to know which are the professions with a future , so that you can be sure that you will have job opportunities , not only in the country, but in any part of the world.

In this post we give you some keys to the FP professions with the most future today.

The Professions With the Most Future

Professions with a future

The careers that have a good projection in the coming years in the labor market focus on specific areas, dominated by marketing at all levels, and technology.

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Marketing, trade and sales

Everything related to commercial activities will continue to move the labor market. Within the area of ​​marketing and advertising, we recommend that you take a look at these professional branches.

Customer Success Specialist

The search for this professional profile has grown steadily and it is considered that it will continue to be one of the most sought-after profiles by companies in the coming years, generating a large number of jobs. 

Professionals in this area are the ones in charge of establishing and maintaining contact with a company’s customers, creating the conditions so that the customer’s experience with the product or service offered is the best possible. 

You must have technical knowledge and good ability to establish relationships , in addition to knowing strategies to position yourself in the market .

Sales Development Representative

Sales Development professionals are in high demand in sectors such as Logistics, Supply Chain Management and ICT. This type of profile must analyze the needs of customers in terms of sales, as well as define the business model that increases them and can generate value. 

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It is a fundamental professional figure in companies and it is necessary that they have commercial, technical and relationship-building skills .

Agile Trainer

These types of professionals are highly demanded and they are required to have skills and knowledge about the different methods that allow managing intellectual work. 

The sectors that most demand this type of profile are: technology and those that offer information services, consultancies, the banking sector, Internet, programming, the telecommunications and distribution sector.

Investment consulting and international projects

Companies operating in international markets need advisers to help them reduce the level of risk when they introduce their products or services in new markets. 

An advisor in International Trade is the one in charge of supporting export activities and the implementation of the company abroad throughout the process.

Programming and ICT’s

In Information and Communication Technology, such as: data transmission, storage and processing tools , the role of certain professionals is essential:

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

It is one of the profiles that has more job opportunities in the future and requires specific skills, such as knowledge of Machine Learning or Data Science. 

Professionals in this area are present in economic sectors that are directly related to ICT and computer programming , where they are responsible for making operational improvements and developing new product lines. 

It is highly sought after in the areas of education, telecommunications, in management consulting and everything related to the Internet.

data scientist

Currently , data is for most companies their main asset , since they must know and manage information about the market, customers, and operations, among many other factors. 

The data scientist is a professional who optimizes data management and transforms it into information that is useful for decision-making in companies. 

The banking, telecommunications or research sectors are areas in which they are in high demand and it is believed that it will be one of the professions with the highest volume of employment for the year 2022.

Python developer

It is one of the FP professions with the most future. In fact, the demand for this type of professional is increasing.

The developer’s profile is oriented towards the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Financial Services, and they are increasingly needed in more sectors, such as marketing and advertising.

cloud consultant

You must have extensive knowledge of technology to design icloud solutions for organizations. They are highly sought after in sectors such as Consulting, Marketing or ICT.

VET professions with more future

Currently, Vocational Training has become the leader in job offers, even above university degrees or as a complement to them.

Most of the job offers made by companies are covered by graduates in vocational training cycles , both Intermediate and Higher Level. 

In fact, the FP professions with the greatest future are those related to Administration and Management , such as the double degree in International Trade and Transport and Logistics ; Electronics and Electricity , with the careers of Technician in Electrical and Automatic Installations and Superior Technician of Electrotechnical and Automated Systems, or those of Programming .

Technological careers and those related to the area of ​​marketing and sales are in great demand in the future. With the increasing digitization of all areas and new business trends , more and more trained professionals will be required to face these challenges. So if you want to train to occupy a position related to some of the most demanded professions with a future, call us . At Campus Cámara FP we help you to be the professional you want to be.

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