What are Professional Practices?

When you complete a FP cycle you have the opportunity to carry out professional internships or FCT (Training in Work Centers) when it is coming to an end. 

The internships include a series of activities that you will carry out temporarily in a company, in order to complement your learning and that, in addition, will help you get started in the world of work .

There are many people who decide to carry out their studies in one center instead of another because they want to be able to do the internships in some specific companies. There you can see the importance of being well informed about what they are and how they work.

If you want to know what professional internships consist of and what benefits you can obtain by doing them, keep reading!

What are Professional Practices

Everything you need to know about internships

Professional internships are your starting signal as far as the world of work is concerned. They allow you to be part of a company within which you will enhance your learning and carry out tasks related to your training, and to the work area in which you intend to specialize.

Internships are a very important part of your professional training. These are carried out in work centers in the second year of the training cycle; since it is considered that it is when the necessary knowledge has been acquired.

In any case, we recommend that you ask and inform yourself about the study plan of the professional training cycle that you want to carry out.

What do professional internships consist of?

Professional internships are a way to show your performance within the labor field. Through this type of activity, your potential is established by doing a job directly within a company in the sector in which you want to focus your career.

Most training centers have prior agreements with companies, institutions and associations that they consider interesting and that, in addition, commit to providing a job so that you can gain experience and feel if what you are studying is ideal based on your personal motivation and skills.

What are internships for?

When studying on campus, a certain professional career may be attractive to you. But where you test your skills to perform within it is precisely when you are part of the staff of a company

In the company you will have responsibilities and you will carry out the tasks for which you have prepared yourself in class.

Even if you are currently working within a completely different area than the one you study within the FP, training in workplaces can help you put your skills into practice in the field of work for which you are training.

Also, for all those who are working and studying simultaneously , there is an authorization that can be requested from the work center to do professional practices. 

The Individual Training Permit of up to 200 hours will be granted in order to carry out professional practices in the area corresponding to the career area of ​​study of the student in question.

Objectives of professional practices

Once you are clear about what professional internships consist of and what they are for, we are going to delve into knowing a little more about their objectives.

Professional internships represent the initiation of a student into the labor field , taking advantage of the opportunities offered by many companies and organizations, both public and private.

In this case, both companies, students and training centers have clear objectives in terms of carrying out professional practices.

Goals for students

  • Strengthen the professional inclination through direct contact with work and knowledge of the labor reality of the area to which you want to dedicate yourself.
  • Increase motivation to continue training and developing new skills.
  • Gain security in the field of work in which the practices are being developed.

Objectives for companies

  • Recruit staff . There are many companies that end up hiring the students who have done the internships with them.
  • Train future professionals. Through internships, companies can train, measure performance and prepare students for different jobs.

Objectives for Campus Camera FP

  • Receive feedback on the training we are providing . Through professional internships, training centers are up to date with the needs of the labor market and with this, we update the training plan.
  • gain prestige. One of the areas that can most enhance the choice of one training center over another is the employability of students and the companies and institutions with which we have agreements.

Competences developed in professional practices

Work practices serve as a link between “knowing” and “doing” , since each student executes what they have learned so far within a company.

When you carry out professional internships you have the opportunity to reinforce your learning , expand your ability to make decisions and improve your social communication skills by being in contact with other people who are part of the same field of work.

During the internships, the students live experiences that allow them to adapt to changes, face new challenges and have the possibility of increasing their knowledge of general culture, in addition to sharing day-to-day work with a team so that their work performance is even more satisfying.

Taking into account the above, it is clear that internships represent a way to develop your entrepreneurial spirit. Companies increasingly demand workers who are more active and have the ability to deal with the difficulties that arise within their organization.

Now that you know what professional internships consist of, what they are for and with what objectives they are carried out, you are ready to take the step

If, despite everything we have told you, you have doubts, write to us and we will help you solve them.

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