What is An Employee Recognition Program?

When you are at work, how often do you get a thank you for your effort? Although the economic salary is the necessary compensation for the work done, recognition can have a very positive effect on people and the company. In an increasingly competitive labor context, this may be the factor that makes a company stand out from the rest.  

This is one of the reasons why the Human Resources area must promote recognition at all levels of the organization. Do you know what an employee recognition program is ? At T2W we are experts in Human Resources management, so we can help you. Here we show you what these programs are, why they are important and their objectives. 

Importance of recognition at work 

All human beings have the need to be recognized. That is clearly graphed through the famous Maslow Pyramid that describes the order of human needs. Thanks to this we are clear that feeling valued and respected is essential for all people. This happens in any context of human relationships, such as work. 

In fact, the world of work plays a particularly important role in human beings. An average person spends between 8 and 9 hours a day at work. Therefore, the actions we carry out in that environment and the people around us become an important part of their lives. That’s why being recognized at work is so important.  

What is an employee recognition program? 

What is An Employee Recognition Program

It is an initiative by the company that seeks to thank and make visible the satisfactory performance of a collaborator or a team. Here we must emphasize that this recognition must be public and visible to other people within the company. In this way, the worker feels valued by the organization and respected by his colleagues. 

In general, job recognition should be much more than the occasional word of encouragement for a job well done. This is where employee recognition programs come into play . These should be strategic plans that are carefully laid out with a specific goal.  

Employee recognition programs are created based on company goals and objectives. In this way, it is easier to know which actions deserve recognition and how to apply it. Therefore, this must be the result of performance, actions or initiatives that move the company closer to its objectives.  

When it comes to recognizing the performance of employees, this can be done economically or not economically. Although it is possible to simply make a public recognition in the company, the ideal is that the recognition has a tangible effect beyond a gesture. 

For this reason, a strategy must be designed that includes both the objectives and the budget that will be assigned to the program. Once such variables are identified and assigned, it is easier to define the way in which the effort of the workers will be recognized. It can be a bonus, consumer vouchers, access to educational scholarships, days off, etc. 

Objectives of an Employee Recognition Program 

We must be clear that a recognition program for workers seeks to meet two specific objectives: the first focused on people and the second focused on the company. The objective focused on people seeks to promote well-being in employees. Your effort is recognized in order to increase your job satisfaction.  

Employee satisfaction at work is not a minor matter. A worker comfortable and at ease within an organization is much less likely to quit. In this way, the best professionals are retained and the company’s turnover rate is reduced. This is why it is important to also have work welfare programs . 

The second objective is focused on the organization. As we mentioned previously, any recognition program must reinforce the actions of the workers that are beneficial for the company. In this way, workers are motivated to work to achieve the goals of the organization. 

In parallel, since the recognition program allows employees to feel valued and satisfied within the organization, their self-esteem and motivation grow. This is one of the best catalysts for the good performance of workers and the productivity of the company. 

We’ve taken a look at workplace recognition programs , their importance, and their goals. Do you have one of these programs in your organization? Implementing one could offer you great results. 

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