What is Employer Branding in Human Resources?

It is no secret to anyone that the difficulty in attracting and retaining talent has increased in recent years. Therefore, modern companies and  recruitment agencies  are looking for new ways to have a constant flow of potential collaborators. It is in this context that the concept of  employer branding appears . 

Do you know  what is employer branding in Human Resources ? This is a trend that is not yet well established in the world of Human Resources, but it has great potential. In the following T2W article we will tell you everything about this modern and relevant concept. 

In order to understand  exactly what employer branding means , you first need to know  what branding itself is  and what it entails.  

What is Employer Branding in Human Resources

What is branding? 

Branding, also known as brand management, is a marketing concept that, in short, seeks to devise and build a brand with which customers identify. 

For this, a series of factors are taken into account, such as the company’s logo, the colors of the brand, marketing strategies, advertising, the identity of the company, among others. 

Based on these and other variables, actions are taken with the aim of the brand influencing the perception of the target audience, making it attractive and connecting with consumers. 

What does this concept have to do with it? Well, branding as such is focused on creating a brand identity that is attractive externally: only to consumers. However, both current and potential collaborators are also relevant people for the company. This is how we come to the  concept of employer branding . 

What is employer branding? 

The employer brand or employer brand  is the perception that employees  or potential talent may have of a company. Therefore, the objective here is to create a brand image that helps attract and retain potential employees. 

Now, how do you get a good employer brand? Well, some keys to achieving this are offering a good onboarding process to your new employees, taking into account the opinions of your current employees, organizing events to generate interest in your brand, increasing your online presence, among other measures. 

These are all actions that seek to make your brand more known and improve its reputation with current and future collaborators. Therefore, when done correctly, employer branding allows you to minimize the effort you spend on talent acquisition, since your brand becomes recognized and attractive. 

It is important to note that employer branding is not a concept that should be applied only to attract talent. In fact, it is relevant throughout the employment relationship with your collaborators: from the initial stages of the selection process to the end of the employment relationship. 

Why is employer branding important? 

First, employer branding will help you get talent for your company. Potential collaborators will arrive attracted by the image you have created around your brand and how attractive it is to work in your organization.  

In addition, the employer brand allows you to retain talent and retain your best collaborators. This is no small achievement, as skilled talent is very hard to come by. That greatly diminishes your recruiting and selection efforts. 

Additionally, you should also keep in mind that employees are often promoters and ambassadors of the company they work for. This is why having good employer brand management is so important. 

On the other hand, the Millennial factor is a variable that we cannot ignore. It is estimated that by 2022, 50% of the workforce will be made up of this age group. This would perhaps be just an anecdotal detail if it were not for the fact that young people of this generation are usually very selective when choosing a company to work for.  

For Millennials, factors such as company values, social responsibility or job well-being are very important variables that influence when looking for a job. 

In this context, a company that has a set of defined values, is aware of its impact on the environment and offers benefits and flexibility to its employees will become a magnet for talent. 

Now you know  what employer branding  is and why it is so important today. As you can see, this is a trend that offers many benefits to companies and will undoubtedly become more relevant in the coming months. 

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